Feb 262017

Is Price a concern for you? We at www.ftlauderdalelimo.biz are constantly checking market conditions to give all parties the best price possible. Obviously, fuel charges vary, which will cause the limousine provider to vary his or her price on your booking. The passenger size of the limo also affects the price of the booking.

Now a great story from the annuls of the Fort Lauderdale Limousine: We got a call from a man who needed a limousine for 3 hours for the funeral services for his father. The job was extended until it finally became a job that was lasting all day. Toward the end of the job, the customer ran out of money, but he still needed transportation for the people in his group and he wanted to see if there was some way that he could continue to use our services. He offered to hold the luxury limo with his Superbowl ring from his days when he played at Buffalo. When the chauffeur called me with this offer, as the owner I was concerned about fraud. I asked the chauffeur to please go knock on the door of the football player’s house and get a good look around and to use the excuse “I have to use the facilities.” On the way to the restroom, I told him to look around for pictures with the football player in question and other famous football players down on the field shaking Don Shula’s hand, etc. Anything that would confirm that he was who he said he was. If so, then take possession of his Superbowl ring and continue the job with the respect and the courtesy that our limousine service is so well known for. When the chauffeur came back to the office and brought in the Superbowl ring, it was certainly an amazing moment. Oh and just so you know, 5 weeks later, the ex Buffalo football player brought us the cash he owed us and we of course gave him back his Superbowl ring.

Visit our site often for more amazing stories. So if you are looking for a special night out on the town in Fort Lauderdale with the love of your life, give Fort Lauderdale Limo a call to get the most current pricing. Ask our dispatcher Michael for any discounts and tell him you saw this post on the website for a 10% discount on your first use of Fort Lauderdale limo for any reason, whether it be to the airport, for prom, date night, or trip to the Port.