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Limo Manufacturing

Did you know that whenever a stretch limousine is manufactured, that they use real road tracks that are elevated above the workers that are laser tested for straightness? When they put your car on top of the tracks, the manufacturers take a saw and they cut your vehicle in half. If you want a 144″ Twelve Passenger Limo, they then separate the car in half and increase the length, add your limo’s interior, frame, seating, bar, and body until your limousine is complete and on the showroom floor. The use of the railroad tracks are the key to manufacturing any size limo.

Did you know that the world’s largest limousine is a 100 passenger limo in Las Vegas made out of a Lincoln Town Car? It is a 100 passenger super stretch limo. You might ask what happens when you have to turn the limo. Let’s say for example you forgot something at the hotel and ask your chauffer to turn around and go back and get your wallet that you left in your hotel room. The chauffuer drives all the way down Las Vegas out into the dessert where there is a super large platform that has been made for this limo, where he can turn the vehicle around and go back into Las Vegas to stop at your hotel so that you can get your wallet.

Did you know that there is a Corvette limo that is so hot that it gets every eye’s attention as it crosses their path? However, it is so uncomfortable inside that nobody want to take it out a second time.

Did you know that there is a Lamborghini 6 passenger limo valued at over 1 million dollars? That’s right, somebody cut a Lamborghini in half.

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