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Las Olas Art FairBeau Tudzarov,  creator of surreal works, loves to watch art collectors guess whether his works are made out of photographs or paintings.

According to Tudzarov, they are neither. A chuckling Tudzarov reckons that young children always get it right since they are able to recognize digital art, that usually baffles their parents and the older generation. He goes ahead to explain that his works of art are created using 3D computer art and then manipulated in Photoshop, before being transfered to canvas.

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At this weekends Las Olas Art Fair Part II, Tudzarov’s digital creations of art, will be among many other pieces of created through a mixture of artistry methods. The Tents, that will be put up along Las Olas Boulevard, that takes up the five blocks from Southeast Sixth to Southeast Eleventh, will be filled with more than 300 artists, each displaying pieces of art ranging from glass-blown art, paintings, life size sculptures and works created out of wood.

The festival founder Howard Alan indicates that 30 emerging artists will also be given an opportunity to showcase their works of art, having been selected by a national judges panel.

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Having run various art shows around the country, Alan, says that the Las Olas Art fair is his most prized and longest running festival after having run it for almost 25 years. He goes ahead to say that the Las Olas fair has a distinct feel and smell that makes it unique from any other, enabling people to take mini vacations just to be at the fair. The items vary from a $20 pair of earrings to a $ 50,000 sculpture in bronze.

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The digital renderings of Tudzarov are usually inspired by real life experiences, such as the chess pieces and wine bottle, that seem warped and have plenty of Dali-esque surrealism, which he says, are inspired by the nights that he has spent with his friends, enjoying some glasses of wine, whilst playing chess.

The refracted light coming through the bottles, and falling on the tables, gives him his inspiration. He says that they would have a few drinks only, otherwise the chess game would be over. Tudzarov, initially followed in his fathers footsteps, as a sculptor, before turning to digital art. During one of his exhibits, his wife is quoted as saying that his works were similar to his fathers abstract works.

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Lin Martinique-Whittaker, who hails from Cooper City, will be displaying her works of art besides those of Tudzarov. Her works are impressionist-style acrylic creations depicting beautiful women, and are created on linen-stretched canvas. Ornamented with gold leaf, lace, and rice paper, these works resemble the dreamy creations of Gustav Klimt, an Austrian symbolist painter.

Martinique-Whittaker says, that Las Olas is perfect for her works of art. She loves painting Asian women in kimonos and mermaids, with an Italian Renaissance feeling.

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